Friday, April 22, 2011

A Promise Broken and Another Promise Made

Well, unfortunately I'm going to have to break my promise on blogging about Libya. Even after having read those few books I still don't feel informed enough to write a scholarly post about Libya and Qaddafi so I'm going to delay writing about the current events happening there until I've read more. However, I do have a post pretty much ready to be put up but because I'm going to be out of town this Easter weekend I'm not going to post it until Monday.

I decided to have some fun with the upcoming post since it will be my first substantial one since returning from Afghanistan. Plus, I've noticed that one of my most popular posts continues to be the masturbation and Seinfeld one because, I assume, of its sexual content. I therefore took advantage of the fact that sex still sells in composing the next post. However, since it is Good Friday I do want to leave you with something I wrote many years ago about the difficulty in determining when the historical Jesus actually died and its implications for biblical inerrancy. Beware though it is a bit lengthy. Here are the links. Enjoy.

1.) Introduction
2.) Part 1
3.) Part 2
4.) Part 3
5.) Excursus
6.) Part 4
7.) Part 5
8.) Conclusion

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