Sunday, April 3, 2011

Still Here And Apologies

I don't know that it matters a whole lot that I've not been blogging since most of my readership originates from Facebook; nevertheless apologies to those who do take the time to read this blog. I've been itching to blog about the events going on in Libya because I certainly have my opinions about the situation there. However, I decided to refrain from doing so for the moment because I wanted to better inform myself of the history of the geopolitics in that region which is what I have been doing by reading several books on the subject. Hopefully, I should be finished with the last two books that I need to read about the history of Libyan foreign policy in the next several days and so once this is done I will finally feel somewhat qualified to blog about the ongoing events there and thus, finally, have a new post up. So for those who have been eagerly awaiting a new blog post I give my apologies once again and promise to do my utmost to finally have a post up by week's end. Until then for those interested here's what I've been reading to prepare:

Libya: From Colony to Independence (2008); Ronald Bruce St John

Qaddafi's World Design: Libyan Foreign Policy, 1969-1987 (2001); Ronald Bruce St. John

Qaddafi, Terrorism, and the Origins of the US Attack on Libya (1990); Brian L. Davis

Jefferson's War: America's First War on Terror, 1801-1805 (2004); Joseph Wheelan

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